I was fortunate enough to come across a video on Tik Tok by Make Life An Occasion. The video was on closure and it was so impactful. That was the moment I felt it was time to change my life and put closure to everything that was weighing me down. Through their content, I was able to identify that I had a lot of inner work to do and make peace with my past. I finally felt safe and understood. They were able to put into words all of the things I have felt my entire life.  I watched video after video and can sincerely say they have completely changed my life.  I was compelled to reach out and thank them because I never felt more connected to complete strangers before. It was the best decision I have ever made! They were encouraging, patient but most of all inspiring. And it has allowed me to grow and flourish and discover what self-love truly means. Because of Make Life An Occasion, I have been able to live the life I dreamed of and inspire others to find inner peace. The world needs more people like them and I am blessed and forever grateful for the work that they do!

Hanover Township, PA