Alexis Baez

Going through an inner discovery of self-love, I learned that my view of the world will shift and these glasses were instrumental in giving me insight into how I will feel when I view things differently internally. I needed this and didn’t even know! Thank you 🙏🏾❤️

Hanover Township, PA


I put my Purple Heart-Shaped Self Love glasses on and I am not kidding when I tell you, my life lit up! I wore these to an outside yoga class and had the best class ever! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

West Hartford, CT


I was fortunate enough to come across a video on Tik Tok by Make Life An Occasion. The video was on closure and it was so impactful. That was the moment I felt it was time to change my life and put closure to everything that was weighing me down. Through their content, I was able to identify that I had a lot of inner work to do and make peace with my past. I finally felt safe and understood. They were able to put into words all of the things I have felt my entire life.  I watched video after video and can sincerely say they have completely changed my life.  I was compelled to reach out and thank them because I never felt more connected to complete strangers before. It was the best decision I have ever made! They were encouraging, patient but most of all inspiring. And it has allowed me to grow and flourish and discover what self-love truly means. Because of Make Life An Occasion, I have been able to live the life I dreamed of and inspire others to find inner peace. The world needs more people like them and I am blessed and forever grateful for the work that they do!

Hanover Township, PA


Self-discovery to self-love podcast: This series of podcasts has opened my eyes to why self-love is the key to having a balanced and peaceful life. The two hosts of the podcasts are the creators of Make Life An Occasion self-love lifestyle brand, Marie and George. Their courage in sharing their personal stories has given me soo many tools to use on my own path of self-discovery. Their vision is to help others to heal from past trauma, understand the toxic dynamics of narcissists, and empower and free yourself from the trauma bond and rebuild your life. They have helped me understand that the connections between heart, mind, and soul are powerful and infinite, and choosing my own peace does not make me selfish but is actually a true act of self-love, which is the greatest gift I could ever give myself.

Please subscribe to their podcasts – you will love what they are all about and get ready because your life is about to change for the better!

Barrie, Ontario, Canada


Every now and then, you run into some really good genuine people who have a genuine heart to help others.  George and Marie are a two-in-one deal, they do their TikTok together as a couple, and they are really great people. They do TikTok like a mini television show; it’s excellent stuff, very uplifting… go check them out. 

Kansas City, MI