Alexis Baez

george wearing pink self love color therapy glasses

Going through an inner discovery of self-love, I learned that my view of the world will shift and these glasses were instrumental in giving me insight into how I will feel when I view things differently internally. I needed this and didn’t even know! Thank you 🙏🏾❤️ Hanover Township, PA


I put my Purple Heart-Shaped Self Love glasses on and I am not kidding when I tell you, my life lit up! I wore these to an outside yoga class and had the best class ever! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! West Hartford, CT


I was fortunate enough to come across a video on Tik Tok by Make Life An Occasion. The video was on closure and it was so impactful. That was the moment I felt it was time to change my life and put closure to everything that was weighing me down. Through their content, I was able to identify […]


Self-discovery to self-love podcast: This series of podcasts has opened my eyes to why self-love is the key to having a balanced and peaceful life. The two hosts of the podcasts are the creators of Make Life An Occasion self-love lifestyle brand, Marie and George. Their courage in sharing their personal stories has given me soo many tools to […]


Every now and then, you run into some really good genuine people who have a genuine heart to help others.  George and Marie are a two-in-one deal, they do their TikTok together as a couple, and they are really great people. They do TikTok like a mini television show; it’s excellent stuff, very uplifting… go check […]