we manifested our dream home with a self-love lifestyle that starts with inspiration design and self discovery

How Feelings Turn Into Manifesting Through A Self-Love Lifestyle

Everything is connected, EVERYTHING!  Track your inspiration; it helps you to start connecting the dots and manifest what you desire. 

Follow Your Inspiration

We can follow our manifesting back from when it was just inspiration.  Our property in Bear Lake ID was put into the Universe when I became inspired to heal myself; we just had to align ourselves with it.  I had just discovered the healing benefits of nature with Grounding (Earthing) and decided to submerge ourselves into it.  

We bought an R.V to get us into nature; we were going to explore different states to determine where we would buy our retirement property, putting us directly in nature.  Bear Lake was our second trip out, my first time in Bear Lake.   It’s actually in Utah and Idaho, depending on where you are around the lake and only 1:45 minutes away from our home in Utah.  We stayed at Bear Lake Idaho State Park right by the water; the campsite happened to be #33, which is part of our lucky number 333!

The whole vibe about this place was perfect, with incredible sunsets, beautiful sunrises, and fantastic mountain ranges.   Bear Lake is called the Caribbean of the Rockies, which was ironic since we fell in love with Jamaica 5 years earlier, where I first felt the benefits of grounding (earthing).  The color of the water is beautiful in itself,  blue, green, and crystal clear.   The nature around me so inspired me.  When we bought the R.V., I set a scene in my mind that I was going to be an artist in nature, make a painting at each of our camping destinations, and have an art book full of places we had experienced.  This nature scene made me want to start creating! 

Follow Your Feelings 

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist but never felt my paintings were good enough to give me that “title.”   I kept painting (very rarely). Even though it never came naturally to me, it still made me happy.  I used other paintings to give me direction and perspective; I wasn’t painting from within.

I was always looking for different ways to be creative.  I had my paints with me but decided to do something different.  I just bought some new watercolor pens and decided to try them out.  This time felt different; I felt like I could recreate the beautiful landscape I was looking at; I was going off a feeling.  I got so into it!  I felt like a real artist, sitting in nature, listening to our “Soulful Jazz Playlist,” sketching, just being in the moment and so happy, and my husband was happy watching me create!  

This was the first sketch I had done like this with no other reference but my own.  I only made one drawing.  I was so proud of myself that I took a picture of my picture with the landscape (tracking my inspiration).

visualizing with inspiration after working with self discovery leads to manifesting when connected with the action of a self love lifestyle

We were there three days and enjoyed every second; it was so peaceful and relaxing.  As we headed home, soon after we left, I got the inspired thought!  We needed to sell our rental property (our retirement plan at the time) and purchase land in Bear Lake.  My husband wasn’t opposed but wanted a plan before we went jumped all in.   By the time we made it home, the new plan was set.  We were going to buy property in Bear Lake and create an inspired vacation retreat to enjoy and offer to those looking to “vacation with a purpose.” 

Manifesting Your Inspiration in a Self Love Lifestyle

We set the vision into motion, the house was on the market, and we were looking for a property in a week.  We found one that had just been listed; as soon as I saw it, I knew this was the view.  

the beautiful dream life only happened after we dove into self discovery with inspiration and self love

This would be the spot where we would build our inspired vacation retreat and get us connected to nature.   We were obsessed with the view, the landscape, the water, and the feeling it gave us, absorbing the beauty.   

When we were standing on the hill looking at the road leading up to the spot, the pattern looked familiar.  The thought came into my mind that this could be the scene that I had sketched a few weeks earlier when we stayed on the other side of the lake, #33.  We decided to drive around the lake and investigate further (following the inspiration).  

We brought our camera so we could get a good zoom, and sure enough…. our camp spot #33 was direct across from the property we just found, which happened to be #22; we were in shock!  We KNEW it was meant to be.  We had our offer accepted a day before my birthday, three weeks after camping across the lake, after the inspired thought on the way home.  

Following my inspiration, CREATING led me to sketch the property we would eventually purchase, manifesting it.  This property has inspired our Universal Lifestyle Brand!  MakeLifeanOccasion! didn’t exist before we bought this property.  We created Visual/Audio Grounding because of this property.  We created our website and our social media posts primarily based on this property.  Following the feelings inspired by Grounding (Earthing) has brought us to this point, and it’s just our beginning.  

visualizing with detail and specific art for inspiration leads to manifesting when done through a self love lifestyle
my autoimmune condition didn't stop me from finding inspiration and loving myself. now I live my dream

Start Connecting the Dots

Bear Lake Trip July 7th-11th, 2019

Offer accepted August 14th, 2019

Closed on our rental property and

Bear Lake Property September 20th, 2019

george and marie morgan manifest with inspiration visualization and a self discovery led self love lifestyle

Manifesting Affirmation: “I follow my inspiration.”

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

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