through inspiration, discover who you are and feel what brings peace. MakeLifeanOccasion! A Self-love lifestyle brand.

Mantra Affirmation for A Self-Love Lifestyle

Through inspiration, discover who you are, and FEEL what brings you peace. 

MakeLifeanOccasion! is a Self-Love Lifestyle Brand offering creative lifestyle fundamentals and strategies.  Our goal is for you to become Self-Loved and begin living in your purpose.  


MakeLifeanOccasion! has organized Lifestyle fundamentals and strategies gathered through direct knowledge and thoroughly researched information. Our direct knowledge is a comprehensive collection of data designed to bring you closer to your Self-Love.  Through our research and inspiration, we have advanced our Lifestyle; now, it’s our purpose to show and share it with you.  


Mindful Efficient Living is attention to detail in your everyday life.  Everything matters when practicing Mindful Efficient Living; it ALL MATTERS.  It’s getting the most out of nothing and doing more with less.  It’s removing what you don’t need and bringing in what you do need.   It’s living proactively and not reactive.  Mindful Efficient Living is breaking routines and staying inspired; your inspiration is your fuel.  It’s one of the primary fundamentals of Self-Love. 

WORDS OF WISDOM (w.o.w. words) Self-Love Affirmations

Words have energy; words have power.  

Word of wisdomcreated as a mindfulness guide for inspiration.  

You learn balance in nature.  

You feel the peace in truth and logic.  

You celebrate self-love and share it with humanity

You feel the music

Your humility is the balance for your confidence.  

You believe in gratitude

To learn is to change.   

Unity is our vision

Put these words into action! 


Determine who you are and who you’re talking to. In every situation, you will know what to expect, not expect, and know how to respond accurately, appropriately, and efficiently (Mindful Efficient Living).   Learn where you’re at in your Self-Discovery, the people around you, and where your future is headed. 

are you a black sheep in the family? our strategy depends on who you are and where you are in the process of self love lifestyle

Levels of Enlightenment: The Break Down
98’s– 98% of the population are the “The Sleeping Wide Awake” -Buddha
298’s (2% of the 98’s) attempt Self-Discovery
2’s– 2% of the population are The Awakened

We’re here to assist and support the 298’s on their way to achieving Self-Love. 
Our mission is to create anInternational Community of Master Minds with the 2%’ers!

Learn more about the Levels of Enlightenment on From Self-Discovery to Self-Love Podcast.

VISUAL | AUDIO GROUNDING: Anxiety Grounding Techniques 

When you can’t physically connect to nature through grounding, use Visual | Audio Grounding for the same effect.  Imagine you are at “your favorite nature spot.”  How does it feel when you are there?  Do you hear water, trees blowing in the wind, or maybe you like the silence?  Does it smell different, like crisp, clean mountain air?  Are your bare feet on the ground? Are you feeling the different textures? Are you admiring the nature around you?  Do you feel the peace when you are there? Be mindful of that FEELING! Seeing or hearing nature on video, then reconnecting with that feeling (like you’re there) is Visual | Audio Grounding

make life an occasion with nature! if you can't get out on your own, try our audio grounding affirmation video and change your lifestyle


Use strategic energy to protect your peace.  Weaponize your knowledge; use your knowledge as a weapon.  Being in control of your emotions gives you an advantage; it allows you to think clearly and deliver effective results.  When you have self-control, you will have the upper hand over 98% of the people around you (refer to Levels of Enlightenment). The best way to handle unpredictable situations is to know who you are, strategic energy.


Self-Discovery to Self-Love is a fundamental process used by MakeLifeanOccasion! to inspire others to become Self-Loved.  You must go through Self-Discovery to achieve Self-Love; when you’ve achieved Self-Love, you will continue with your Self-Discovery.  

Assessment, Analysis, and Action are all part of Self-Discovery.  To be successful, you have to put into action the information you are receiving.   Self-Love is action!

Learn more about Access, Analyze, and Action!

We created a Universal Lifestyle Brand where YOU are the brand.  We want to enrich the lives of those who have a passion for purpose, are committed to change, and want to create something greater than themselves. 

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈 

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