Assess, analyze, act. Self love lifestyle through consistent affirmations.

Self-Love Affirmations Strategy

Self-Love will require a specific strategy and action.  We’re giving you the process to apply in real-time situations.  You might assess and analyze, but the real test is will you put it into action.  I affirm that I will assess, analyze, and put into action all matters regarding my Self-Love.


You notice!  You notice how your body feels around them; your heart is racing, you have anxiety, the winds knocked out of you, your breathing heavy, your perspiring, your voice is elevated or cracking.  You notice the emotions you are displaying, you’re out of control, you are angry, you’re in fight or flight mode, you’re yelling, and you feel defensive.  The more you can assess, the more answers you will receive.  

After years of gaslighting and reactive abuse from my covert narcissist mother, I noticed I had no control of my emotions.   I was always upset,  defending myself and my character,  explaining who I was.   I noticed after every visit I left angry, confused, bitter, disappointed, emotionally defeated, and I was ready for it to end. 


The analysis phase is where you being to notice yourself, noticing things.   “I’m noticing this person is trying to take me out of my peace”  This is where you are gathering data using strategic energy.   You are running down every scenario and being at peace with every outcome.  Now that you notice, you have the opportunity to remedy this.  You are searching for areas to adapt and flow.  You must have studied the enemy first before engaging in battle.  

When figuring out my covert narcissist mother, I realized through analysis that every encounter ended the same way, losing control of my emotions with her being an emotionless victim.   I learned that I had to control my emotions, which meant letting her do the talking for once and listening.  She continued the abuse because I was not calm; she could hide in my emotions.  Once I allowed her to speak and processed the information without emotion and removed what I wanted from the relationship,  everything started to make sense.  


Assessment and analysis mean nothing without Action!  Action requires you to be firm, not to carry worry, shame, guilt, and fear with the decision you made.  It requires you to start putting your feelings first and taking your power back.  Action is where your healing and peace begin.  

My action required me to set boundaries and enforce them, control my emotions, and not engage in distractions.  I stopped defending my character, released my desire for a relationship because I wanted a mother, removed her title (mother), and released the shame associated with her not being in my life.  I accepted the relationship for what it was and what it never would be.  

My physical healing required action.  I could not get out of fight or flight mode unless I got control of my mind and emotions.  I could not heal without removing the toxins from my life, which led me directly to my mother.   Self-Discovery requires action; this process is about change.   You are letting go of the old you, which is made up of old memories and emotions, and rewiring your brain to who you are, self-loved and capable of achieving greatness.  

Assessment, Analysis, and Action are all part of Self-Discovery.  To be successful, you have to put into action the information you are receiving.   Self-Love is action! 

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