by answering questions for self-discovery, you open the doors to learning how to self-love

Who Am I? The Question to Start Self-Discovery

“Who am I” is why you’re starting Self-Discovery.  Going through this process will lead you to your Self-Love.  Asking questions is how you begin Self-Love.  Welcome to Self-Discovery! 

Learning To Self-Love Through Self-Discovery and Questioning

How to Self-Love yourself?  Self-Love is learned through letting go of fear, shame, worry, and guilt, connecting the dots, setting boundaries, healing your past trauma, honoring your feelings, getting inspired, creating and sharing your inspiration, letting go, connecting with humanity, expressing gratitude, living in truth, and believing in yourself.  

Starting Self-Discovery is willing going in… TO DESTROY THE OLD YOU.  Your old un serving, unloving habits, and ways will not be going with you into the future.  You are looking into something NEW that 98% of the people around you will not have the courage and strength to do, know thy self.       

30 Questions For Self-Discovery 

1)  How would I describe my childhood?

2)  What are my relationship like between me, my parents, and grandparents?

3)  Am I a people pleaser?

4)  Am I enabling bad behavior?

5)  Do I live in truth?

6)  Do I regret my past? 

7)  Do I have a victim mentality (in any circumstance)?

8)  What makes me happy?

9)  What do I like to create?

10)  What do I like about myself?

11)  Am I willing to change? 

12)  Am I a giver or a taker?

13)  What are my triggers?

14)  Do I hate anything? 

15)  Do I celebrate myself, and if so, how?

16)  Am I the “black sheep”?

17)  Am I constantly defending my character?

18)  Do I have set boundaries 

19)  How would I describe my relationships with my friends?

20)  Do I feel a loss of energy and excitement after being around certain people?

21)  What inspires me?

22)  Am I kind to myself?

23)  Do I have blind loyalty?

24)  What brings me peace?

25)  What do I enjoy about nature?

26)  Am I seeking balance?

27)  Do I know what being mindful means?

28)  Am I living in the past?

29)  Am I born with purpose?

30)  Am I confident?

Self-Discovery is not being afraid of saying “I don’t know” because that’s why you’re starting.  The more you are inspired and willing to change, the closer you are to your Self-Love. 

Having Self-Love

Having Self-Love is a superpower!  You have an intellectual advantage with Self-Love.  The best defense for an unpredictable situation is to know who you are.  Self-Love changes your outlook and perspective on everything.  When you get to Self-Love, you realize you have to shed the old you to become the new you.  It’s willing to change, letting go of old emotions; fear, shame, worry, and guilt, it’s setting boundaries and enforcing them in real-time, it’s honoring your feelings without judgment, it’s healing your past trauma and not living in it.  Having Self-Love is loving others, having no hate for anything.   Self-Love will be leading you to your purpose, which is creating and giving back to the world. 

Our Purpose is Linked To Your Purpose

Everything is connected.  Our purpose is to inspire YOU to find YOUR PURPOSE; your purpose starts with Self-Discovery.   We have direct knowledge and thoroughly analyzed experiences that we’re sharing about our Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Healing.  We’re here to help you FEEL Self-Love and LIVE in your purpose.   

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

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