Questions About Me: Get To Know Yourself

Questions for Self-Reflection.

Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out Who You Are

What are my feelings? Are they positive or negative feelings? What if anything am I doing about it? Going through Self-Discovery brings your feelings to the surface because we have gone through life pushing down how we really feel. To reprogram your mind, we must understand where it’s coming from. When communicating your feelings you should be as descriptive as possible. Bonus tip: keep asking WHY until you can accurately explain your feelings, so you can move on to peace.

  1. How would I describe my childhood?
  • Did I feel safe emotionally and physically?
  • Did I feel loved?
  • Do I carry any trauma from my childhood?

2. What are my relationship like between me, my parents, and my grandparents?

  • Who did I feel loved by and why?
  • Who didn’t I feel loved by and why?
  • What traits/behaviors did I get from them?

It’s important to know if you were raised by a narcissist (most likely one of them).  They will have raised you to be a certain way; lack boundaries, people-pleasing, not in control of your emotions, don’t question authority (hierarchy in titles), to attract another narcissist (you most likely are with one or was with one in the past). 

3. Am I a people pleaser?

  • Do I feel the need to be the best in every situation?
  • Do I feel that I can solve everyone’s problems and try?
  • Do I sacrifice myself for others?

People-pleasing is used to control how people perceive you.  You most likely don’t recognize you are one because you have done it and been around it your whole life.  This comes from the need to be accepted and valued, you were taught your value was based on what you did for others. 

Ask Yourself Who You Want To Become

Ask yourself what the new you represents, the characteristics, and accomplishments. Think about building yourself up in the middle of breaking yourself down.

  • Ask yourself what your new life feel like?
  • Ask yourself if feels fulfilled?
  • Ask yourself if you feel peace?
  • Ask yourself if you are prosperous?
  • Ask yourself if you feel accomplishment in your life?

Focusing on the new you gives you something to work towards, the self-loved you. Make specific Self-Love Affirmations that represent the new you. Recite and feel these affirmations multiple times a day. You will be breaking the old you down, this will require some deep diving into your questionable behavior. You will most likely trigger yourself in the process, your triggers are clues into the past. Focus on the NEW, HEALED version of you even when you feel it’s too hard… repeat your affirmations and stay inspired!

How to write Self-Love Affirmations, make a Manifest Board!

What Is Self-Discovery?

What is discovery yourself all about?

  • Self-Discovery is knowing and understanding how you feel and where those feelings come from.
  • Self-Discovery is about becoming in control of your emotions.
  • Self-Discovery is accepting all outcomes with no shame or guilt.
  • Self-Discovery is learning from your trauma.
  • Self-Discovery is becoming Self-Loved.

More Self-Discovery Questions, Self-Love Affirmations, and our 30 days to Self-Love Self-Love Affirmations Ebook.

Get to know you affirmation “I know and understand who I am.”

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