SELF-LOVE Color Therapy Glasses


SELF-LOVE Color Therapy

Fun and Function! Feeling bold and playful? Looking for color therapy? Either way you will LOVE these “SelfLove Glasses

  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • .5cm thickness for sturdy design
  • Frame: 14.5cm width, 15cm length, 5.5cm height




Learn Self-Love With Color Therapy

color therapy infographic describing the emotion of each color: red passion orange social yellow creativity green balance blue peace aqua uplifting pink joy purple spirituality magenta universal love

The old saying “look at the world through rose colored glasses” is seeing the world in a more brighter, positive light and these are the glasses! Wear your Color inside or outside the house for at least 10 minutes up to 60 depending on desired results.

Warning! Wearing Color Therapy Glasses while driving might impair ability to properly see traffic lights and important markers.  Do not wear for prolonged periods of time.

Additional information

Color Choice

Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Aqua


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