How To Manifest Anything 

Manifesting is a mindset.  It’s a vibration.  It’s a frequency.  

See It 

To manifest, you must first have vision.  We manifested our Bear Lake Property based off a vision.  We visualize concepts more than things.  We have an idea of what we want for the future us, how we want to feel, what we want to create, the feelings others feel, based on what we are creating.  We catch the vision coming and going.  We visualize what people will say about MakeLifeanOccasion! and how it positively impacted their life.   

We create scenes of moments in the future.  We learned how to use a house building app that allows you to create your dream home from scratch.  We know the layout of the home we are going to build in Bear Lake.  We know what materials we want to use, what wall paper we want, what the floors look like, what the landscape looks like, and how we will have it decorated, we know how it feels.   We 100% know the vibe of our future home and there is nothing like it.  We can walk through it in the future, together, and we do.. often!  

Sometimes I will picture myself standing in the living room with my husband, the walls opened up directly to the outside, I’m in my robe, we’re drinking our fancy breve, watching the sunrise, listening to the birds sing their morning song... playing our “Bossa Nova Playlist”  I’m literally there.  We see the home, it’s already manifesting.  

Bear Lake Idaho

Feel It

Bring it to life by feeling what you have manifested, (you have to feel this has already happened)  You can’t have the vision with out a feeling, you have to be vibrating on the same frequency to manifest.  Even if you can’t visualize it, you should still be able to feel it.    Everything you feel should be focused on your vision.  When you are manifesting everything matters, your thoughts matter, how you treat others matter and most importantly, how you feel about by yourself matters!  

How are you going to be manifesting greatness but still thinking negative thoughts, by not creating, by not giving back to others, by not loving yourself.  Everything has to be aligned.  Your vision can’t be on frequency 10 and you’re still vibrating at a 2, you must be on the same frequency.

We feel gratitude for our future accomplishments, we’re proud of our selves now and what we will do in the future.  We feel how far we are going to take MakeLifeanOccasion! and know that it will go beyond that!  We know MakeLifeanOccasion! will be a destination at Bear Lake. 

MakeLifeanOccasion! Billboard at Bear Lake Utah

Be it 

You have to align yourself with what your manifesting, you can’t get in your own way.  You can’t just sit on the side lines waiting for it to be placed in your lap, you have to do-something-different.  Get out of your own way.  Think about all the things you say no to because of FEAR, think about all the new things you won’t try because you think you won’t like it, think of all the opportunities you lose by not getting uncomfortable.  

I see myself working with my manifesting as a team.  I try to align myself into opportunity.  I am the body guard of my manifestation, I eliminate all the possible road blocks that could be getting in my way, including myself.   I keep myself vibrating on a high frequency so the things I need to succeed, come to me.  

Create what the new you is and be it now.  Feel as happy now, as you will be after you manifest your vision.  The more in tune you can become with your feelings, the more aligned you will be with your vision. 

Everything we do, every feeling we have, is to align ourselves with our manifestation.  


MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈