Manifest Board: Start Creating

Manifest Board

YOU are the Key! 

The “Vision Board".  The first thing we do differently, is to not call it a "Vision Board".  We call it a Manifest Board, that word is about action!  Vision is seeing something.  When you have vision of something, you are not touching it, you are not feeling it... you are just looking at it.  Manifest means the present, to appear,  "to be evidence of", that says it all!  

Create an Art Piece

Your Manifest Board is an artistic expression of your manifested desires.  I say manifested, because it already is, you have to start thinking this way immediately!  This is a chance to be creative, which is part of the process.  Creating is giving, you are giving life to your manifestation.  Create something that you are attracted to.  It should be an art piece (everyone is an artist).  Find a picture of yourself that embodies the essence of what you are manifesting.  See if you can take the picture to the next level.  Figure out how to use a photo editor app, (we use PicsArt) add an inspiring statement, use W.O.W.,  put an interesting filter on it... thing out side the box!  Learn what you like.  Take the upgraded picture and print a custom board.  I go to Vista Print and use their custom foam board.  My standard is a 18" x 24", but do what works for your space, and what you feel. 

custom vision board

Give It Life! 

Where to put your new Manifest Board?  Try a mindful design approach.  We wake up to ours, it’s directly in front of us.  The first thing we see in the morning, and the last thing we see when we go to sleep is our board.  It's an art piece.  We enjoy looking at it, and what we have already manifested.  We have it positioned where it receives light, color and rainbows... it's awesome!  There is nothing but positive vibrations surrounding our Manifest Board, our whole bedroom is vibrating on a high frequency, and this is a part of it.   Put your art in a place where you can appreciate it, be proud of what you have created.  Let it fuel you to create more.  When you give (creating), you are actually receiving! 

 manifest bord

FEEL it!  

What do I mean by feel your Manifest Board? We FEEL the future, the way you feel good thinking about something amazing that happened in your past... except we do it for the future (which is now)! We feel proud of ourselves for achieving everything we imagined, and know there is more.  We are in the future looking back at where we are now, we feel grateful for our accomplishments.  We are always grateful for EVERYTHING.  We FEEL what it's like to have unlimited wealth, which gives us the freedom to create what ever we can imagine.  Besides the greatness of feeling our future, we feel happy just looking at what we created, it's extreme happiness at this point.  It already is! 

It's in YOU!

Your Manifest Board is in you, you are the board!  It should just be an art piece at this point.  Something to reflect on when you need a reminder of what you accomplished, manifested.   You will receive your blessings, you have already manifested them.  Your job is to recognize your blessings and allow them to come to you, easily and freely!  Open your mind and heart to change (this could lead to your blessings).   See your fears as a test, it’s an opportunity to learning something new about yourself (this could lead to your blessings).  Become the best version of you, find your purpose... this WILL lead you to your blessings!  Everything is connected.  What you put out, is what you receive back.  Get inspired... then inspire yourself to greatness! 

vision board manifest board

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈