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“The Music is Just Trying to Say Things to FREE YOUR MIND” 

Music is so much more than just music.  Words have power; music is a manifestation.  If you FEEL it and let it move you, it will fuel your consciousness.  

Spotify Music Mood Playlists Give us Inspiration

There’s music for every mood; we’ve taken it a step further by creating Mood Playlists.  We have a Mood Playlist for every scene and scenario (vibe).  We have a playlist for creating, one for traveling, one for cleaning, one for nature,  one for the nightclub, one for ping pong.  The proper music is with us 24/7; the music got us here.  As I’m writing this, we’re listening to our Boss Nova Playlist.  Think of an eclectic, European Hotel in the 50’s/60’s.  Relaxing in bed, on vacation, enjoying your surroundings.  This is the scene I have created with mindful decoratinginspired by the music.

The Best SELF-DISCOVERY SONGS on Spotify for Inspiration

Look at the titles of the songs you listen to. Do you have playlists?  Are they inspiring?  This is when we say words have power.  We were surprised to see our song titles in the Soulful Jazz Playlist all felt connected to nature. 

It was no surprise why we were so drawn to peace; the music was submerging us into nature.  Simultaneously, I learned nature was healing through Grounding (Earthing); everything is connected.  

Music Transforms 

We realized our Soulful Jazz Playlist submerged us into nature; we then noticed we were also living in our “Bossa Nova Playlist.”  The music brought in plants, peace, color, texture, and unique character to our decor.   We were creating MakeLifeanOccasion! with this music.  We were creating things we could never have imagined; the music was shaping us and our environment.  

Boss’s Nova, the perfect chill and create music; it’s the perfect tempo.  The rhythms relax you; it takes you to a different time and place.  

Words have power; music is a manifestation; FEEL where it takes you…  

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈