Questions About Me: Get To Know Yourself

Questions for Self-Reflection.

Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out Who You Are

What are my feelings? Are they positive or negative feelings? What if anything am I doing about it? Going through Self-Discovery brings your feelings to the surface because we have gone through life pushing down how we really feel. To reprogram your mind, we must understand where it’s coming from. When communicating your feelings you should be as descriptive as possible. Bonus tip: keep asking WHY until you can accurately explain your feelings, so you can move on to peace.

  1. How would I describe my childhood?
  • Did I feel safe emotionally and physically?
  • Did I feel loved?
  • Do I carry any trauma from my childhood?

2. What are my relationship like between me, my parents, and my grandparents?

  • Who did I feel loved by and why?
  • Who didn’t I feel loved by and why?
  • What traits/behaviors did I get from them?

It’s important to know if you were raised by a narcissist (most likely one of them).  They will have raised you to be a certain way; lack boundaries, people-pleasing, not in control of your emotions, don’t question authority (hierarchy in titles), to attract another narcissist (you most likely are with one or was with one in the past). 

3. Am I a people pleaser?

  • Do I feel the need to be the best in every situation?
  • Do I feel that I can solve everyone’s problems and try?
  • Do I sacrifice myself for others?

People-pleasing is used to control how people perceive you.  You most likely don’t recognize you are one because you have done it and been around it your whole life.  This comes from the need to be accepted and valued, you were taught your value was based on what you did for others. 

Ask Yourself Who You Want To Become

Ask yourself what the new you represents, the characteristics, and accomplishments. Think about building yourself up in the middle of breaking yourself down.

  • Ask yourself what your new life feel like?
  • Ask yourself if feels fulfilled?
  • Ask yourself if you feel peace?
  • Ask yourself if you are prosperous?
  • Ask yourself if you feel accomplishment in your life?

Focusing on the new you gives you something to work towards, the self-loved you. Make specific Self-Love Affirmations that represent the new you. Recite and feel these affirmations multiple times a day. You will be breaking the old you down, this will require some deep diving into your questionable behavior. You will most likely trigger yourself in the process, your triggers are clues into the past. Focus on the NEW, HEALED version of you even when you feel it’s too hard… repeat your affirmations and stay inspired!

How to write Self-Love Affirmations, make a Manifest Board!

What Is Self-Discovery?

What is discovery yourself all about?

  • Self-Discovery is knowing and understanding how you feel and where those feelings come from.
  • Self-Discovery is about becoming in control of your emotions.
  • Self-Discovery is accepting all outcomes with no shame or guilt.
  • Self-Discovery is learning from your trauma.
  • Self-Discovery is becoming Self-Loved.

More Self-Discovery Questions, Self-Love Affirmations, and our 30 days to Self-Love Self-Love Affirmations Ebook.

Get to know you affirmation “I know and understand who I am.”

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MLAO! Master Manifesting: Manifesting Techniques and Affirmations

We show you the link between Self-Care, and Self-Love and how it leads you to your manifesting faster.

Manifesting is a lifestyle; it brings you everything you want out of life and more. You have to know who you are, to know what you want. Going through Self-Discovery allows you to understand who you are meant to be, the person not conditioned and burdened by the past. When you choose to heal, these three words are going to come to you automatically. You want the least resistance when manifesting, going through self-discovery gets you out of your own way.

Manifesting Frequency: Positive Feelings

Nothing is happening if you don’t feel it. Your manifesting frequency should match your present state of being. You have to become who you want to be now, the lifestyle will attract itself to you. Self-Discovery gets you in tune with your feelings, you will need your feelings to manifest. You need to feel that what you manifested, has already manifested, that is manifesting. Manifesting is the feeling of knowing you will receive everything you desire.

  • It’s the feeling of being ALIVE!
  • I feel the new me.
  • This is the year I feel Self-Love
  • I feel joy for my accomplishment.
  • I feel gratitude for what I have now.

What does feeling alive mean to you? Do you know what that feels like? Self-Love is an energetic feeling that is rooted in manifesting. You have to feel you are destined for everything you wish to receive. Feeling is an emotion, a state of awareness, the foundation of your manifesting.

Tips For Manifesting: Gratitude

How do you start manifesting what you want? You must feel grateful for what you have now, to receive abundance in the future. Gratitude is a feeling, you have to appreciate the little things as the big things. Everything is connected, your feelings project a vibration or a frequency, it will align with something wether it’s good or bad. Wake up with gratitude.

  • I am grateful for the ability to manifest.
  • I am grateful for the mindfulness to “dream big”.
  • I am grateful now for what you have manifested, in the past and in the future.
  • I am grateful that manifesting is infinite, keep going, keep growing.
  • I am grateful that it’s always better than what you expected.

Your manifesting sometimes provides you what you asked for in a different form, looking at everything with gratitude is to your advantage. This process requires patience and gratitude for the here and now. The more gratitude you project, the more blessings you will receive. You can’t fake gratitude, either you feel it or you don’t.

Manifesting; How To Let Go: Confidence

You feel confident in your manifesting, you have faith because faith is knowing.  You know that you’re not manifesting, you have already manifested. Using strategic energy gives you confidence, you will need this with your manifesting. Questioning everything is being prepared, being prepared is learning, which leads you to your confidence; strategic energy. Strategic energy is planning for your future, what you’re manifesting. You must be confident with all decisions and outcomes moving forward, removing all fear. Fear is the opposite of confidence.

  • I am confident with all decisions and outcomes in my life.
  • I have removed all fear of the unknown.
  • I am confident that what I will receive, is greater than what I have imagined.
  • I do not fear change.
  • I am confident everything is working for me, not against me.

How To Make A Manifest Board: aka Vision Board

How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle Using Mindful Efficient Living

Staying balanced, not too much of one thing and not enough of another.  Living in the present moment, where the little things are the big things.  Enjoying and living life. 

How Will Mindfulness Benefit My Life?

Mindful Efficient Living is attention to detail in your everyday life.  Everything matters when practicing Mindful Efficient Living; it ALL MATTERS.  It’s getting the most out of nothing and doing more with less.  It’s removing what you don’t need and bringing in what you do need.   It’s living proactive, not reactive.  Mindful Efficient Living is breaking routines and staying inspired; your inspiration is your fuel.  It’s one of the primary fundamentals of Self-Love.

How To Start Mindful Efficient Living

  • You are considering all things: This is where everything is an option; you adapt and flow.
  • You are saving your energy: You quit depleting your energy supply because of guilt and people-pleasing.  
  • You are prioritizing: YOU are no longer at the bottom of YOUR list.
  • You are accessing: You ask yourself each time, “Is this worth my energy?” Energy vs. reward.
  • You let go of the past: You live in the present moment, letting go of past emotions. 
  • You ground in nature: You make connecting with nature a priority.
  • You make your content convenient: You turn your life into the content.
  • You keep things simple: You don’t try to force, control, or hide anything.
  • You mind your business: It’s none of your concern what other people think about you.
  • You have decluttered your environment:  You have removed eyesores that rob you of your energy and inspiration by just looking at it.  

How Mindful Efficient Living Changes Your Life

  • You have more inspiration: Inspiration will lead you to create and creating will lead you to your purpose. You understand that creating is giving.
  • You make room for mindful decorating: You are replacing the eyesores with inspiration or nothing at all appreciating the simplicity and bare space.
  • You are more productive because your content is convenient: Your lifestyle is your content.
  • You are Self-Loved: You are focused on a more productive and peaceful way of living.
  • You have humility: You are at peace because of your humility.
  • You feel gratitude: Your gratitude fuels you.
  • You are more balanced: Everything is in order when you love yourself enough to know… when you’re not loving yourself enough.
  • You live in peace: You make decisions with peace as your priority.
  • You made time for deeper connections: You found your tribe, connecting to people with similar interests and goals. 
  • You have more energy for your healing: Your healing has become an inspiration to others. 

A Mantra For Living: Mindful Efficient Living

Mindful efficient living is taking care of the current you, with the future you in mind, it’s a lifestyle.  Everything is done with intention and purpose.   The smallest details have the biggest impact on your life.

Mindful Efficient Living is an affirmation/mantra: “I use Mindful Efficient Living”

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How To Be Confident, Learn Strategic Energy

Weaponize your knowledge; use your knowledge as your weapon.

Know Your Next Move And The Person You’re Engaging

Learn how to use strategic energy to protect your peace. Being in control of your emotions gives you an advantage; it allows you to think clearly and deliver effective results.  When you have self-control, you will have the upper hand over 98% of the people around you (refer to the Levels of Enlightenment)—being ready when engaging with people.  Strategic energy is an instrumental tool in your pursuit of Self-Love.  The best way to handle unpredictable situations is to know who you are, strategic energy.

How Do You Apply Strategic Energy?

  • Voice Recording (with phone):

You are recording conversations for the purposes of learning ONLY.  Not to be used maliciously or to confront them on their behavior.   You are listening for your triggers, the manipulation, the behavior patterns.  You are monitoring your progress. 

  • Connecting the dots:

You are accessing and analyzing past events to gain a future advantage.

  • Learning behavior patterns:

You are learning the patterns, so you know what to expect and how to react.  The patterns become predictable when you start paying attention and become present. 

  • Setting boundaries and enforcing them:

You are teaching people how to treat you and holding them accountable for their actions.

  • Correcting personal violations in real-time:

When people violate your boundaries, you bring it to their attention in the moment, so you don’t leave with any shame or guilt for not standing up for yourself.

  • Adapt and flow:

You adapt to every situation and flow through it to achieve your desired outcome. 

  • Removing self-doubt:

Your Self-doubt is distracting you from reaching your goals.  Eliminate those thoughts immediately and replace them with what you are most grateful for.

  • Self-care:

You are being proactive with your mental and physical wellbeing.  

You “Don’t debate a 98” (MakeLifeanOccasion!)

“Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” (Mark Twain)

You are saving your energy for more inspiration.  Doing more with less.  The little things are the big things.

What Are Strategic Energy Results?

  • You are in control:

You are no longer triggered by others; you control your emotions.

  • You maintain your peace:

Because you know and understand what to expect from people.

  • You remain balanced:

You understand you can’t have too much of one, and not enough of the other.

It’s not something you say, it’s something you deeply feel. 

  • You are confident:

You gained your emotional/intellectual strength through what you learned.

  • You are inspired:

Your inspiration now drives you.

  • You are Self-Loved:

You invested in yourself, and it shows.

You understand everything is connected and every thought matters relative to your strategy.

  • You understand people:

Because you know what 98’s are about they don’t negatively affect your life. 

  • You have clear vision:

You see the play before it develops.  You have eliminated your distractions. 

Strategic Energy is directly related to the development of your Self-Love.   It provides you protection from the outside world.  It’s the blueprint to connecting the dots.   You use strategic energy to heal, you know all wasted energy is wasted healing time.  It’s a mindset of saving your energy for when you need it the most, knowing how to deal with unpredictable situations because you know yourself.   

“We don’t react, we prepare.” (Strategic Energy)

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How we Manifested Our Dream Home through A Self-Love Lifestyle

we manifested our dream home with a self-love lifestyle that starts with inspiration design and self discovery

How Feelings Turn Into Manifesting Through A Self-Love Lifestyle

Everything is connected, EVERYTHING!  Track your inspiration; it helps you to start connecting the dots and manifest what you desire. 

Follow Your Inspiration

We can follow our manifesting back from when it was just inspiration.  Our property in Bear Lake ID was put into the Universe when I became inspired to heal myself; we just had to align ourselves with it.  I had just discovered the healing benefits of nature with Grounding (Earthing) and decided to submerge ourselves into it.  

We bought an R.V to get us into nature; we were going to explore different states to determine where we would buy our retirement property, putting us directly in nature.  Bear Lake was our second trip out, my first time in Bear Lake.   It’s actually in Utah and Idaho, depending on where you are around the lake and only 1:45 minutes away from our home in Utah.  We stayed at Bear Lake Idaho State Park right by the water; the campsite happened to be #33, which is part of our lucky number 333!

The whole vibe about this place was perfect, with incredible sunsets, beautiful sunrises, and fantastic mountain ranges.   Bear Lake is called the Caribbean of the Rockies, which was ironic since we fell in love with Jamaica 5 years earlier, where I first felt the benefits of grounding (earthing).  The color of the water is beautiful in itself,  blue, green, and crystal clear.   The nature around me so inspired me.  When we bought the R.V., I set a scene in my mind that I was going to be an artist in nature, make a painting at each of our camping destinations, and have an art book full of places we had experienced.  This nature scene made me want to start creating! 

Follow Your Feelings 

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist but never felt my paintings were good enough to give me that “title.”   I kept painting (very rarely). Even though it never came naturally to me, it still made me happy.  I used other paintings to give me direction and perspective; I wasn’t painting from within.

I was always looking for different ways to be creative.  I had my paints with me but decided to do something different.  I just bought some new watercolor pens and decided to try them out.  This time felt different; I felt like I could recreate the beautiful landscape I was looking at; I was going off a feeling.  I got so into it!  I felt like a real artist, sitting in nature, listening to our “Soulful Jazz Playlist,” sketching, just being in the moment and so happy, and my husband was happy watching me create!  

This was the first sketch I had done like this with no other reference but my own.  I only made one drawing.  I was so proud of myself that I took a picture of my picture with the landscape (tracking my inspiration).

visualizing with inspiration after working with self discovery leads to manifesting when connected with the action of a self love lifestyle

We were there three days and enjoyed every second; it was so peaceful and relaxing.  As we headed home, soon after we left, I got the inspired thought!  We needed to sell our rental property (our retirement plan at the time) and purchase land in Bear Lake.  My husband wasn’t opposed but wanted a plan before we went jumped all in.   By the time we made it home, the new plan was set.  We were going to buy property in Bear Lake and create an inspired vacation retreat to enjoy and offer to those looking to “vacation with a purpose.” 

Manifesting Your Inspiration in a Self Love Lifestyle

We set the vision into motion, the house was on the market, and we were looking for a property in a week.  We found one that had just been listed; as soon as I saw it, I knew this was the view.  

the beautiful dream life only happened after we dove into self discovery with inspiration and self love

This would be the spot where we would build our inspired vacation retreat and get us connected to nature.   We were obsessed with the view, the landscape, the water, and the feeling it gave us, absorbing the beauty.   

When we were standing on the hill looking at the road leading up to the spot, the pattern looked familiar.  The thought came into my mind that this could be the scene that I had sketched a few weeks earlier when we stayed on the other side of the lake, #33.  We decided to drive around the lake and investigate further (following the inspiration).  

We brought our camera so we could get a good zoom, and sure enough…. our camp spot #33 was direct across from the property we just found, which happened to be #22; we were in shock!  We KNEW it was meant to be.  We had our offer accepted a day before my birthday, three weeks after camping across the lake, after the inspired thought on the way home.  

Following my inspiration, CREATING led me to sketch the property we would eventually purchase, manifesting it.  This property has inspired our Universal Lifestyle Brand!  MakeLifeanOccasion! didn’t exist before we bought this property.  We created Visual/Audio Grounding because of this property.  We created our website and our social media posts primarily based on this property.  Following the feelings inspired by Grounding (Earthing) has brought us to this point, and it’s just our beginning.  

visualizing with detail and specific art for inspiration leads to manifesting when done through a self love lifestyle
my autoimmune condition didn't stop me from finding inspiration and loving myself. now I live my dream

Start Connecting the Dots

Bear Lake Trip July 7th-11th, 2019

Offer accepted August 14th, 2019

Closed on our rental property and

Bear Lake Property September 20th, 2019

george and marie morgan manifest with inspiration visualization and a self discovery led self love lifestyle

Manifesting Affirmation: “I follow my inspiration.”

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Key Affirmation for Finding Self-Love: Feeling Gratitude

the key self love affirmation for a lifestyle of finding love for myself: Gratitude

Wake Up! with Gratitude: Key Self Love Affirmation

Be grateful when you wake up for being who YOU are… everything about you!  Be grateful for the truth.  Be grateful for growth.  Be grateful for your future accomplishments.  
Be grateful for self-love.  

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Find Inspiration on MLAO! Website and Start Your Journey

self love lifestyle is inspiration fueled self discovery. Join us!

Being Inspired Leads to Self-Discovery

Inspiration Inspires Inspiration! Have you ever had a “crazy idea” that sounded so AWESOME and followed it through to fruition?   Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember if that inspiration led to more creative ideas or how it made other people feel?  Inspiration is a spark that, if tended to, can lead to an infinite fire of greatness! We are all born with a unique purpose; inspiration is the best way to find yourself and your gift.

Our Self-Love Lifestyle Mission

MakelIfeanOccasion! is on a mission to follow our inspiration and encourage you to do the same.  Following your inspiration should be incorporated into your everyday habits ASAP.  Inspiration is a drug.  Inspiration is healing.  Inspiration is fuel.  Inspiration is Universal!  You have to be inspired to REALLY want to live. That fire that burns within us is inspiration trying to lead us to our purpose.

Nature is Healing and Inspiring

Inspiration is in nature, music, light, animals, color… it’s everywhere, and it will inspire you to find your purpose.  Inspiration is within YOU.  Everything is connected.  We were put on this earth to inspire and create.  MakeLifeanOccasion!’s purpose is to inspire YOU to discover yourself and find YOUR peace.  

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

Learning To Love Myself Through Self-Discovery Manifest Board

A Manifest Board for a Lifestyle of Loving Myself

The “Vision Board.”  The first thing we do differently is not to call it a “Vision Board.”  We call it a “Manifest Board,” that word is about action!  Vision is seeing something.  When you have a vision of something, you are not touching it; you are not feeling it… you are just looking at it.  Manifest means the present, to appear,  “to be evidence of,” that says it all.   

Create Art and Connect Action to Self Love

Your “Manifest Board” is an artistic expression of your manifested desires.  I say manifested because it already is; you have to start thinking this way immediately.  This is a chance to be creative, which is part of the process.  Creating is giving; you are giving life to your Manifest Board.  Create something that you are attracted to.  It should be an art piece.  Find a picture of yourself that embodies the essence of what you are manifesting.  See if you can take the concept further.  Figure out how to use a photo editor app and add an inspiring statement, put an exciting filter on it… get creative!  Take the upgraded picture and print a custom board.  I go to Vista Print and use their “custom foam board” I order an 18″ x 24″ but do what works for your space.  

physical art connects action to learning how to love myself. the manifest board for a self love lifestyle through self discovery

How To Use the Manifest Board for Self-Love Lifestyle

Where to put your new Manifest Board?  We wake up to ours.  It’s directly in front of us, the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see when we go to bed.  It’s an art piece.  We enjoy looking at it and what we have manifested.  We have it positioned where it receives light, color, and rainbows… it’s awesome!  There is nothing but positive vibrations surrounding our “Manifest Board”; our whole bedroom is a high frequency, and this is a part of it.   Put it in a place where you can appreciate it, be proud of what you have created.  Let it fuel you to create more.  When you give, you are receiving.  

use manifest boards to decorate mindfully and efficiently in your home for a complete self love lifestyle

FEEL it!  

What do I mean by feeling your “Manifest Board”?  We can feel the future, the way you feel thinking about something amazing that happened in your past… except we do it for the future (which is now!).  We feel proud of ourselves for achieving everything we ever wanted.  We feel grateful that we made it so far; we are in the future looking back at where we are now.  We are always grateful for EVERYTHING.   We feel what it’s like to have unlimited money, which gives us the freedom to create whatever we can imagine.  Besides the greatness of feeling our future, we feel happy just looking at our board; it’s extreme happiness at this point.  It’s fail-proof.  It already is!  

It’s in YOU!

Your “Manifest Board” is in you; you are the board. It should just be an art piece at this point.  Something to reflect on when you need a reminder of what you accomplished, manifested.   You will receive your blessings; you have already manifested them.  Your job is to allow your gifts to come to you quickly and freely!  Open your mind and heart to new things (this could lead to your blessings).   See your fears as a test to learning something new about yourself (this could lead to your blessings).  Become the best version of yourself, find your purpose… this WILL lead you to your blessings.  What you put out is what you receive back.  You won’t manifest bountiful blessings being the basic version of yourself.  Get inspired… then inspire yourself to greatness! 

this is one manifest board used when learning to love myself

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

Anxiety Grounding Technique that Heals Autoimmune Conditions

my autoimmune condition fshd is healing with nature and self love lifestyle through self discovery

Grounding/Earthing Is So Simple: Connect Physically to Nature 

The concept of Grounding (Earthing) is nothing new.  This discovery suggests that the planet we live on is the original painkiller, the original anti-inflammatory: nature’s way to counteract inflammation

How Grounding Gave Me Energy Outside of my Autoimmune Condition

Redfish Lake, ID 2018 was an “ah-ha” life-changing moment for me.  I have a condition called FSHD Muscular Dystrophy.  This impacts my/our life in an invasive way.  I live with chronic pain; it affects everything that we do.  We have to be mindful of where we go, how far it takes to get there, and then hopefully, I won’t be disabled by the pain caused by the trip getting there.  This trip was immediately different.    

It took around 5 hours by car to get there, which automatically put us off to a dangerous start.  I fell in love as soon as we got there.  It was the most beautiful lake I had ever seen; it was awesome!  I immediately wanted to do everything.  We rented a paddleboat and a bike; we went on hikes, did nature photoshoots, and were active all day, every day.   I kept waking up every morning expecting the worst, and it never came… I felt great!  

I had endless energy; I had no pain; I wasn’t even taking any pain pills.  I went to bed every night in disbelief.  I remember telling my husband that my feeling great didn’t make sense for how much physical activity I was involved in.  This is a crucial benefit, being mindful of your body and what to expect from it.  

autoimmune conditions make activity impossible, but with natural grounding and a self-love lifestyle, my pain subsides

Why I didn’t need my pills

This was definitely out of character for my body and my condition.  For sure, by now, I would be in some severe pain; after all, I was putting my body through.  It made me so curious; I had to figure out what was going on!  Every morning I would wake up and see how far I could take myself physically.  I was testing my body, and still… every morning, I woke up, I felt great.  It was a miracle.  

After we got home from our trip, my body was back to its normal pain.  Back to being hurt, back to the pain pills, back to the bed.   Months passed, I was still thinking about what a fantastic time I had in Redfish. I was preparing for a few surgeries regarding my pain; I got inspired to heal myself; I had enough of chronic pain.   

I started researching self-healing.  I discovered the healing benefits of nature, color, and light.  I had my “ah-ha” moment after discovering something called Grounding/Earthing.   It all started to make sense now.  I understood why I felt so great in Redfish; it made sense that I had so much energy.  I could see why I didn’t need my anti-inflammatory pills.  It was all making so much sense.

now i decorate mindfully and efficiently with nature in my home to ground and ease symptoms of my autoimmune condition

Connecting the Dots Between Grounding and Autoimmune Condition Healing

I started connecting the dots!  The whole time I was in Redfish, I was grounding!  I didn’t need my anti-inflammatory pills because grounding is the original anti-inflammatory.  It takes as little as 30 minutes to make a positive pain impact; I was grounding all day, every day for five days… it made sense!  I discovered, “Earthing significantly reduces the degree and duration of DOMS soreness and inflammation.  DOMS refers to the pain, tenderness, and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.”   Grounding/Earthing was medically documented; I proved the concept to myself without even knowing it existed.  

I was a believer!  I immediately started incorporating nature into our everyday life.  I brought nature into our home with plants, rainbows, and sunlight.  I began to decorate with purpose, the purpose of healing myself.   Discovering Grounding/Earthing changed my life in so many ways.

Grounding set us on a path that led us directly into nature.  I loved nature before, but this took it to the next level.  Following my inspiration was a chain reaction.  

  • I felt great in nature
  • I discovered Grounding/Earthing
  • We knew I needed to be immersed into nature for healing
  • We bought an R.V to get into nature
  • We got inspired to buy property in nature
  • On our second trip out, we discovered Bear Lake,
  • We sold the rental property to buy a piece of land in Bear Lake
  • MakeLifeanOccasion! was inspired in Bear Lake 
  • We created Visual/Audio Grounding  
  • Our whole life changed 


MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈