We show you the link between Self-Care, and Self-Love and how it leads you to your manifesting faster.

Manifesting is a lifestyle; it brings you everything you want out of life and more. You have to know who you are, to know what you want. Going through Self-Discovery allows you to understand who you are meant to be, the person not conditioned and burdened by the past. When you choose to heal, these three words are going to come to you automatically. You want the least resistance when manifesting, going through self-discovery gets you out of your own way.

Manifesting Frequency: Positive Feelings

Nothing is happening if you don’t feel it. Your manifesting frequency should match your present state of being. You have to become who you want to be now, the lifestyle will attract itself to you. Self-Discovery gets you in tune with your feelings, you will need your feelings to manifest. You need to feel that what you manifested, has already manifested, that is manifesting. Manifesting is the feeling of knowing you will receive everything you desire.

What does feeling alive mean to you? Do you know what that feels like? Self-Love is an energetic feeling that is rooted in manifesting. You have to feel you are destined for everything you wish to receive. Feeling is an emotion, a state of awareness, the foundation of your manifesting.

Tips For Manifesting: Gratitude

How do you start manifesting what you want? You must feel grateful for what you have now, to receive abundance in the future. Gratitude is a feeling, you have to appreciate the little things as the big things. Everything is connected, your feelings project a vibration or a frequency, it will align with something wether it’s good or bad. Wake up with gratitude.

Your manifesting sometimes provides you what you asked for in a different form, looking at everything with gratitude is to your advantage. This process requires patience and gratitude for the here and now. The more gratitude you project, the more blessings you will receive. You can’t fake gratitude, either you feel it or you don’t.

Manifesting; How To Let Go: Confidence

You feel confident in your manifesting, you have faith because faith is knowing.  You know that you’re not manifesting, you have already manifested. Using strategic energy gives you confidence, you will need this with your manifesting. Questioning everything is being prepared, being prepared is learning, which leads you to your confidence; strategic energy. Strategic energy is planning for your future, what you’re manifesting. You must be confident with all decisions and outcomes moving forward, removing all fear. Fear is the opposite of confidence.

How To Make A Manifest Board: aka Vision Board

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