Inspirational Interior Design

Inspiration is the starting point of EVERYTHING.  The more inspired you are in your environment, the more inspired you will become.  Your inspiration feeds off of itself, inspiration-inspires inspiration.  Open your creative floodgates with mindful decoration, decorate with purpose.

Open the Way for Inspiration 

Declutter, declutter, declutter, but mindfully.  Think the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo.  The theory is only to keep items that spark joy.  The minimalism-inspired approach helps you get down to basics and clear the room for the inspiration you will add back in.  Take this method and apply it to your walls and floors; if it doesn’t spark joy, thank it, then remove it.  Eliminate as many distractions (clutter) as possible, so your creativity and prosperity can flow freely.  

Discover what makes you Happy

color glass hummingbird mindful decoration accent piece

What makes you smile?  Think about your favorite colors that make you happy and bring you the feeling of peace—color Therapy.  If you love being in nature, add in some plants.  If rainbows inspire you, start hanging some crystals.  If you adore hummingbirds, hang them from the ceiling by a window or a plant.  Create scenes that bring you joy.

Create for YOU, and Your Guests

giving is receiving, so give your space peace and calm accents and decoration to enjoy it with others

We love rainbows; it’s a principal design element in our home.  We were visiting an antique store one day, looking for vintage hanging crystals.  I started to tell the owner what I was looking for, and she said she had some beautiful ones at home she could bring in and sell me.  She lit up when she told me how beautiful they were and how much her grandchildren LOVED the rainbows that the crystals produced.  I was ecstatic, even though I thought it was odd she was selling something that brought her and her family joy.  

She proceeded to tell me she was getting rid of the crystals because she “felt silly” (shame) having the rainbows in the house.  You could see how much she enjoyed the rainbows, yet she was getting rid of them based on how others would perceive it.  That blew me away.  

Decorate for you.  Our house is customized with our eclectic designs.  It’s based on feelings, our feelings.  We have created an inspiration think tank for the sole purpose of letting our creative juices flow.

Experiment with Light Design

colors and shadows in the environment make your interior decoration mindful and efficient for your self love lifestyle

Shadow art, rainbows, and color light art!  Our home wouldn’t be the same without these mindful design elements.  We design with the sun.  We create on ceilings and the floor.  The bare walls become a blank canvas for the light.  When the sun is not out, you can feel its absence.   We have colored window film that displays warm colors like stained glass. I can’t express enough the importance of adding bright, happy, soothing colors to your home; it will elevate your vibration. 

MakeLifeanOccasion! Mindful Moments 

Creating moments that force you to slow down, stop and appreciate the little things around you, that’s a MakeLifeanOccasion! Mindful Moment. We love watching shadow art move with the sun across our walls.  We are grateful when we have a room full of rainbows because we know they can all disappear in an instant.  We are inspired when our ceilings are lit up from the color light art strips resembling aurora borealis; we call it indoor-a-aurora.  The sun had a significant impact on our mindful living; each design is unique every time. 

the color yellow fills us with vitality like the sun. our space is filled with nature accents to be mindful and feel gratitude during our self discovery to self love lifestyle

We learned the importance of our new mindful living very quickly when the pandemic hit.  We were so grateful to be in a home filled with peace, was full of inspiration, and where we loved to be.  We created a healing pod for our body and mind.  We want to encourage you to do the same.

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈