The Process of Learning To Love Myself

Learning to love yourself will be the most significant investment in your future; learning to love yourself changes your life… for the better!  

Why Self-Love Is So Important?

Self-love is the most fundamental element of humanity. Having an understanding of who you are, equips you for interacting with your environment. It’s hard to recognize self-love when you don’t have it. It’s something that you don’t even realize you’re missing until it’s within you because then you know who you are. 

You learn to honor your feelings and lead with peace. You let go of fear, shame, worry, and guilt to live in the present moment with gratitude. You’re not trying to control, fight or hide anything which allows you to live in truth with no fear.  

With self-love, you come to have an understanding that all relationships matter and everything is connected.  

How Do I Get Self-Love for Myself? 

Learning to love yourself starts with Self-Discovery. Be looking to the past for answers, not living there, feeling the emotional trauma. When you go through Self-Discovery, you’re on a path looking for answers.  Self-Discovery questions are looking for answers, answering them, and looking for more.  

You have to unlearn all of your old ways and be willing to change your behavior. You have to look at learning with enthusiasm; learning about yourself should be fun. Always be seeking challenges to your Self-Love; it shows you what you need to work on and strengthens your confidence. Self-Discovery is eternal; Self-Love is a lifestyle.

The Difference Between Self-Care & Self-Love  

Self-care is temporary and considered maintenance; self-love is a long-term lifestyle. 

Self-Care Examples (physical elements) 

Self-Love Examples (physiological elements) 

Self-Love Affirmations to Let Go of Fear, Shame and Guilt

Making life an occasion is a Self-Love affirmation. MakelIfeanOccasion! is about getting the most out of the least and paying attention to the details, making the little things the big things. It’s feeling like your life is a vacation, not needing to take a vacation from your life. 

An affirmation is manifesting. You affirm an idea that you need your mind to feel and believe; it’s reprograming your thoughts and developing core values. Words have energy; words have power. The more you believe what you are speaking, the more it will come to you.  

10 Self-Love Affirmations to MakeLifeanOccasion!

  1. I make life an occasion (MakeLifeanOccasion!)
  2. I honor my feelings without judgment 
  3. wake up with gratitude
  4. I live in peace
  5. I am proud of myself  
  6. I celebrate ME and my accomplishments
  7. I am ready for change 
  8. I live in my purpose 
  9. Truth is my foundation 
  10. I establish boundaries and enforce them

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