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Being Inspired Leads to Self-Discovery

Inspiration Inspires Inspiration! Have you ever had a “crazy idea” that sounded so AWESOME and followed it through to fruition?   Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember if that inspiration led to more creative ideas or how it made other people feel?  Inspiration is a spark that, if tended to, can lead to an infinite fire of greatness! We are all born with a unique purpose; inspiration is the best way to find yourself and your gift.

Our Self-Love Lifestyle Mission

MakelIfeanOccasion! is on a mission to follow our inspiration and encourage you to do the same.  Following your inspiration should be incorporated into your everyday habits ASAP.  Inspiration is a drug.  Inspiration is healing.  Inspiration is fuel.  Inspiration is Universal!  You have to be inspired to REALLY want to live. That fire that burns within us is inspiration trying to lead us to our purpose.

Nature is Healing and Inspiring

Inspiration is in nature, music, light, animals, color… it’s everywhere, and it will inspire you to find your purpose.  Inspiration is within YOU.  Everything is connected.  We were put on this earth to inspire and create.  MakeLifeanOccasion!’s purpose is to inspire YOU to discover yourself and find YOUR peace.  

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

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