my space is my creation which leads to my inspiration

Inspiration is the Nucleus of Creating

Your thoughts are infinite and capable of imaging things beyond your wildest belief, so BELIEVE!

Find Your Inspiration

Find value in things you do not like.  

If you can focus on the 5% of something you DO like, instead of the 95%, you DON’T… it’s inspiration that can take you further.  Leave no inspiration on the table; everything is an option.  Do-something-different.  Give your mind something new to look at and figure out, LEARN! 

Learn New Things 

Before MakeLifeanOccasion! I didn’t pursue things I wasn’t good at it.

I wanted to be an artist, but I felt like I wasn’t a good enough painter to qualify for that title.  I enjoyed painting, but it didn’t come naturally.  Instead of going within myself and painting what I felt, I had to refer to someone else’s inspiration to help me create.  For some reason, I thought an artist was only someone who painted or made sculptures, but everyone is an artist; you need to find where the art is in you.  

I started following my inspiration.   I created a new environment focused on nature, color, and light; I became a colorist!  Colorist: “an artist or designer who uses color in a special or skillful way.“  My inspiration led me to be an artist.  It felt natural; it flowed through me freely; I didn’t need ideas from anyone else; I was using my own and experimenting!   

When I let go of what I thought an artist was, I became one.  I figured out what made me happy and started to decorate with purpose.  Through experimenting, I created MLAO! Infinite Design and mindful decorating.  I created scenes that we absorbed in our spirit.  I created a peaceful home by following my inspiration.  

self love symbols are all around our home as inspired art for our self love lifestyle

Creating Is Giving 

When a painter creates an art piece, it’s giving; when a singer sings a song, it’s giving; when a doctor saves a life, it’s giving.  

I designed an environment that was the art inside me, but it had no name or category.  Visitors express they feel the warm vibes and peaceful atmosphere when you come into our home.  I gave back to the people around me by creating a peaceful escape from the outside world.   The pictures I painted before with a brush had no feeling; it was just a picture.  What I create now has everything I love, and that inspires, and you can feel it! 

the color the vibe the space all make the environment i can create to manifest my self love lifestyle through self discovery and inspiration

You are an artist in your unique way.  Let go of what you think you can or can’t do.  Open your mind and try new things,  listen to new music, find value in things you do not like, find out what drives you to create more.  Creating gets you closer to your purpose.  Create your purpose.MakeLIfeanOccasion! 🌈