How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle Using Mindful Efficient Living

Staying balanced, not too much of one thing and not enough of another.  Living in the present moment, where the little things are the big things.  Enjoying and living life. 

How Will Mindfulness Benefit My Life?

Mindful Efficient Living is attention to detail in your everyday life.  Everything matters when practicing Mindful Efficient Living; it ALL MATTERS.  It’s getting the most out of nothing and doing more with less.  It’s removing what you don’t need and bringing in what you do need.   It’s living proactive, not reactive.  Mindful Efficient Living is breaking routines and staying inspired; your inspiration is your fuel.  It’s one of the primary fundamentals of Self-Love.

How To Start Mindful Efficient Living

  • You are considering all things: This is where everything is an option; you adapt and flow.
  • You are saving your energy: You quit depleting your energy supply because of guilt and people-pleasing.  
  • You are prioritizing: YOU are no longer at the bottom of YOUR list.
  • You are accessing: You ask yourself each time, “Is this worth my energy?” Energy vs. reward.
  • You let go of the past: You live in the present moment, letting go of past emotions. 
  • You ground in nature: You make connecting with nature a priority.
  • You make your content convenient: You turn your life into the content.
  • You keep things simple: You don’t try to force, control, or hide anything.
  • You mind your business: It’s none of your concern what other people think about you.
  • You have decluttered your environment:  You have removed eyesores that rob you of your energy and inspiration by just looking at it.  

How Mindful Efficient Living Changes Your Life

  • You have more inspiration: Inspiration will lead you to create and creating will lead you to your purpose. You understand that creating is giving.
  • You make room for mindful decorating: You are replacing the eyesores with inspiration or nothing at all appreciating the simplicity and bare space.
  • You are more productive because your content is convenient: Your lifestyle is your content.
  • You are Self-Loved: You are focused on a more productive and peaceful way of living.
  • You have humility: You are at peace because of your humility.
  • You feel gratitude: Your gratitude fuels you.
  • You are more balanced: Everything is in order when you love yourself enough to know… when you’re not loving yourself enough.
  • You live in peace: You make decisions with peace as your priority.
  • You made time for deeper connections: You found your tribe, connecting to people with similar interests and goals. 
  • You have more energy for your healing: Your healing has become an inspiration to others. 

A Mantra For Living: Mindful Efficient Living

Mindful efficient living is taking care of the current you, with the future you in mind, it’s a lifestyle.  Everything is done with intention and purpose.   The smallest details have the biggest impact on your life.

Mindful Efficient Living is an affirmation/mantra: “I use Mindful Efficient Living”

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2 thoughts on “How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle Using Mindful Efficient Living

  1. I love your message! Truly inspiring for me right now. I’ve been working on this for myself and one thing I’ve done is move things in my home or office where they flow Best with how I am and not necessarily the “norm or expected”. I am a water color painter and I am most comfortable in bed so I have a rolling cart next to my bed whenever the mood strikes or a stool at the sink for dishes because I don’t want to stand. I get a baby pool each summer so I can soak my feet after work each day and sit in the afternoon sun. I have a day light at work because there are no windows. I have a painting of a rainbow giraffe in my office as well. It changes the mind and spirit. I have a lot of healing to do but I’m thrilled to have stumbled on your stuff. Thank you! So grateful❤️

    1. How awesome… thank you for sharing with us! I too have a rolling cart (a vintage gold one) by my bed… that is ALSO where I am most comfortable doing my work!

      Sounds like you are making life an occasion already! Keep going, you’re doing great.

      💚 Tony and Marie

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