through inspiration and self discovery i found self love as a lifestyle that heals my chronic pain with grounding techniques

Use Your Inspiration as a Guide

What is Self-Discovery? 

We started our self-discovery on different paths, collaborated on what we learned along the way, and created MakeLifeanOccasion!  Before the pandemic, we started mindful efficient living by just following our inspiration and what felt good.

My husband was seeking knowledge about his mind and body on YouTube.   He created a musical playlist for every mood, which greatly influenced our environment.  

I got inspired to heal my body from chronic pain associated with my FSHD Muscular Dystrophy and discovered the healing benefits of nature and grounding.  

I brought nature inside with rainbows, plants, and sunlight; I became a colorist!  I started decorating with purpose and created an inspiring environment with mindful design.  Once the Pandemic hit, we quickly understood the importance of our new mindful living; it was the perfect time to have our mind right.  We followed our inspiration, and it led us to our purpose.  

Finding Our Purpose

We turned our personal mantra into a business of inspiration, “Through inspiration, discover who you are and feel what brings you peace.”  We want to inspire YOU to start living a more mindfulcreative, peaceful life. Makelifeanoccasion! is focused on you; you are the brand.  Our purpose is to show you there is Peace in Nature, and your Nature is Peace.  We want you to feel Nature, be changed by inspiration, celebrate self-love, be grateful, and learn to have the vision and believe in yourself.  FIND YOU, find your Peace.  

George & Marie Morgan 
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