george living in peace because he went through self discovery with mindfulness and inspiration to live a self love lifestyle

How To Find Your Purpose

We are all tasked to discover our purpose.  Use your inspiration to create; creating is giving, and giving is your purpose.  

Get Inspired!

Get those creative engines fired up, get INSPIRED!  Do you want to change your life, inspiration is the key.  Inspiration is your mind’s way of leading you to your purpose.  It starts as a spark; it’s your job to turn it into a fire.  You should see yourself as an explorer tracking your inspiration, following where it leads you.  Create as much inspiration around yourself as possible; try mindful decorating.  Inspiration is nature, music, art, color; it’s everything… YOU are an inspiration! 

How to Find You 

Who are you?  

Do you know your core values?

Do you know your likes and dislikes?  

Do you remember what the energy felt like growing up in your home?  

Did you grow up in a loving, peaceful, happy household, or was it neglectful, fearful, and with no emotional attachment?  

Before you find your purpose, you will have to be able to answer these questions.  You will need to KNOW where you came from; it made you who you are.  You will have to get honest with yourself, accept the TRUTH you find along your way, process them, and keep moving forward.  You will need to decide to love and be loyal to YOU first.  You will lose people that you think are the closest to you.  

When you realize they don’t even love themselves, it makes it impossible for them to love you.  Eliminate titles, i.e., mother, father, sister, friend, you know how these people make you feel.  Evaluate who they are by how they make you feel from an honest, logical perspective.  You will need to re-evaluate your relationships and start putting up some boundaries (boundaries facilitate balance). This is when you find out who is committed to creating a healthy relationship.  These relationships have shaped you into who you are.  

How to Live in Peace

PROTECT YOUR PEACE!  Once you find it, you will need to protect it at all costs.  When you have true peace, you won’t let anything break it.  Be loyal to YOU and your PEACE. 

MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈