Questions About Me: Get To Know Yourself

Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out Who You Are What are my feelings? Are they positive or negative feelings? What if anything am I doing about it? Going through Self-Discovery brings your feelings to the surface because we have gone through life pushing down how we really feel. To reprogram your mind, we must […]

MLAO! Master Manifesting: Manifesting Techniques and Affirmations

Manifesting is a lifestyle; it brings you everything you want out of life and more. You have to know who you are, to know what you want. Going through Self-Discovery allows you to understand who you are meant to be, the person not conditioned and burdened by the past. When you choose to heal, these […]

How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle Using Mindful Efficient Living

How Will Mindfulness Benefit My Life? Mindful Efficient Living is attention to detail in your everyday life.  Everything matters when practicing Mindful Efficient Living; it ALL MATTERS.  It’s getting the most out of nothing and doing more with less.  It’s removing what you don’t need and bringing in what you do need.   It’s living proactive, […]

How To Be Confident, Learn Strategic Energy

Know Your Next Move And The Person You’re Engaging Learn how to use strategic energy to protect your peace. Being in control of your emotions gives you an advantage; it allows you to think clearly and deliver effective results.  When you have self-control, you will have the upper hand over 98% of the people around […]