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How Nature Benefits Your Mind

There is plenty of evidence that show the healing benefits of nature, from healing our bodies to calming our mind.  When you can’t physically be in nature, you can still connect mentally, by FEELING, using the techniques with
"Visual | Audio Grounding".  

Imagine what it Feels Like

Imagine you are at “your favorite nature spot.”  How does it feel when you are there?  Do you hear water, trees blowing in the wind, birds singing a morning song or maybe you like the silence?  Does it smell different, like crisp, clean mountain air?  Are your bare feet on the ground, are you feeling the different textures? Are you admiring the nature around you?  Do you feel the peace when you are there? Be mindful of that FEELING! Seeing or hearing nature on video, then reconnecting with that feeling (like you’re there) is Visual | Audio Grounding.

Visual | Audio Grounding

How To Find Peace  

Specific sights, sounds and smells can put us back in moments of peace and joy.  Feeling your “happy place” can release serotonin (the happy hormone) which is related to relaxation and uplifting your mood.  Taking a moment to visually/audibly ground yourself from a stressful moment, feeling overwhelmed or anxious is a reset for your brain, and a chance to release some “happy hormones” and uplift your mood.

Try It!

The next time you are at your favorite nature spot, take in how it feels.  Start observing everything around you,  be mindful of the peaceful feelings you get from being there.  Take the time to make at least a 30 second video (preferably 60).  Make it the best artistic representation of “your spot”.  If you love flowers, bring some.  If you love you dog, have it in the shot.  Use a tripod, set the scene and be present in the moment as your filming it.  Make mental notes to refer to when you are back home.  The next time you feel overwhelmed, sad, angry, frustrated or just need a peaceful pick-me-up, pull up “your spot”!  Feel the peace as if you were there.  Make your own Visual/Audio Grounding library! Use nature as a tool to calm you, even when you can’t physically be there.  Make yourself your own “MakeLifeanOccasion! Mindful Moment” and give yourself some peace. 

visual | audio grounding

Inspiration Back Story- 

My husband and I took our first real vacation together, to Montego Bay Jamaica in 2015.  It was the first time I used my passport! I had never seen anything like it in my life, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I remember just being in nature shock for 2 days, I was speechless.  I fell in LOVE with the water and the beach.  My favorite was shell hunting, I did it for hours, every day.  I didn’t know at the time, but I was actually grounding and I felt amazing.  We were there for 9 days, it wasn’t long enough. 

Grounding in nature

The night before we were leaving to go back home, I had the inspiration to make a video of the beach where I did my shell hunting, in the early morning... just us and the beach.  We set the alarm for 5 am and headed down to “our spot”.  It was perfect!  No one out, beautifully quiet, the sun was rising, the beach looked perfect, the scene was set!  We brought the tripod, I wanted a perfect 10 minute video to take back home with us.  At the time we were living in our basement apartment.  It was dark, small, sad and I knew watching this video of “our spot” would put us back there once we were at home in the basement.  We got our 10 minutes and headed home to Utah.  

The Jamaica beach video was shot in 2015 and was our inspiration in 2020 when we created our MLAO! Nature page.  We then created Visual/Audio Grounding based off that video.  We first created it for ourselves, and we proved the concept.  Follow your inspiration, when you have a gut feeling... follow it!  You never know where your inspiration will lead you.   

Jamaica Beach Video 2015.



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