Learning To Self-Love

Learning to Self Love

Learning to love yourself starts with Self-Discovery.  Be looking to the past for answers, not living there, feeling the emotional trauma.  When you go through Self-Discovery you realize that you never full loved yourself to being with that's why you're on this path looking for answers.  You have to unlearn all of your old ways and be willing to change your behavior.  You have to look at learning with  enthusiasm, learning about you should be fun.  Always be seeking challenges to your Self-Love, it shows you what you need to work on and strengthens your confidence.  Self-Discovery is infinite, Self-Love is a lifestyle.  

Questions For Self-Discovery

Your Self-Discovery should begin with answering these questions openly and honestly, using them as a blueprint to Self-Love.  

1) When you are alone do you feel lonely, and why?

2) What inspires you and how often do you engage with your inspiration?

3) What routines have you broken recently and what did it lead to?

4) Who do you share your inspiration with and how do they receive it?

5) The people that are drawn to you; what kind of energy do they bringing you and what kind of energy do they leave you with? 

6) Who have you recently inspired?

7) What have you created that inspired someone else? 

8) What does a balanced lifestyle look like to you?  

9) What have you learned recently and what did it lead to?

10) Does the truth scare you or bring you peace.

Here are 30 more Questions for Self-Discovery to keep you going! 

How To Love Yourself  

Loving yourself is an intentional and purposeful mindset.  Having a vivid understanding of your past, present and future.   It's learning the importance of connecting with others, your existence is relative.   It's living in gratitude and leading with peace.  Your quality of life is directly connected to your Self-Love through your relationships, profession, finances, spirituality and parenting.  Self-Love is taking care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Setting and enforcing boundaries is at the foundation of Self-Love.   One of the reason you are lacking Self-Love is you allow people to break your boundaries, then feel shame and guilt for not standing up for yourself.  We weren't taught anything about emotional boundaries, because our parents didn't know.  Now you're out here breaking generational curses and changing future generations for the better.   Keep going, we're here for support.

Self-Love Affirmations

1) I am proud of myself

2) I am ready for change

3) I practice strategic energy

4) I protect my peace.

5) I defend my boundaries 

6) My vision is infinite

7) I will always love myself first

8) Self-love is my super power 

9) I weaponize my knowledge, my knowledge is my weapon 

10) I make life an occasion! 



 MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

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