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Grounding/Earthing Is So Simple: Just Connect Physically to Nature 

The concept of Grounding (Earthing) is nothing new.  This discovery suggests that the planet we live on is the original painkiller, the original anti-inflammatory: nature's way to counteract inflammation

An Endless Amount of Energy 

Redfish Lake, ID 2018 was an “ah-ha”, life changing moment for me.  I have a condition called FSHD Muscular Dystrophy.  This impacts my/our life in an invasive way.  I live with chronic pain, it affects everything that we do.  We have to be mindful of where we go, how far it takes to get there, and then hope, I won’t be disabled by pain caused by the trip getting there.  This trip was immediately different.    

It took around 5 hours by car to get there, that automatically put us off to a dangerous start.  I fell in love as soon as we got there.  It was the most beautiful lake I had ever seen, it was awesome!  I immediately wanted to do everything.  We rented a paddle boat, a bike, we went on hikes, we did nature photo shoots, we were active all day, every day.   I kept waking up every morning expecting the worst, and it never came... I felt great!  

I had endless energy, I had no pain, I wasn’t even taking any pain pills.  I went to bed every night in disbelief.  I remember telling my husband that me feeling great, didn’t make sense for how much physical activity I was involved in.  This is a crucial benefit, being mindful of your body and what to expect from it.  

Grounding at Redfish Lake, ID

It Didn’t Make Sense

This was definitely out of character for my body, and my condition.  For sure by now, I would be in some serious pain after all I was putting my body through.  It made me so curious, I had to figure out what was going on!  Every morning I would wake up and see how far I could take myself physically.  I was testing my body, and still... every morning, I woke up, I felt great.  It was a miracle.  

After we got home from our trip, my body was back to its normal pain.  Back to being hurt, back to the pain pills, back to the bed.   Months passed, I was still thing about what an amazing time I had in Redfish. I was preparing for a few surgeries regarding my pain, it was then I got inspired to heal myself, I had enough of chronic pain.   

I started doing research on self-healing.  I discovered the healing benefits of nature, color and light.  I had my “ah-ha” moment after discovering something called Grounding/Earthing.   It all started to make sense now.  I understood why I felt so great in Redfish, it made sense that I had so much energy.  I could see why I didn’t need my anti-inflammatory pills.  It was all making so much sense.  

Connecting the Dots

I started connecting the dots!  The whole time I was in Redfish, I was grounding!  I didn’t need my anti-inflammatory pills because grounding is the original anti-inflammatory.  It just takes as little as 30 minutes to make a positive pain impact, I was grounding all day, every day for 5 days... it made sense!  I discovered “Earthing significantly reduces the degree and duration of DOMS soreness and inflammation.  DOMS refers to the pain, tenderness, and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.”   Grounding/Earthing was medically documented, I proved the concept to myself without even know it existed.  

I was a believer!  I immediately started incorporating nature into our every day life.  I brought nature in our home with plants, rainbows and sunlight.  I started to decorate with purpose, the purpose of healing myself.   Discovering Grounding/Earthing changed my life in so many ways.

Grounding set us on a path that led us directly into nature.  I loved nature before, but this took it to the next level.  Following my inspiration was a chain reaction.  

  • I felt great in nature
  • I discovered Grounding/Earthing
  • We knew I needed to be immersed into nature for healing
  • We bought an R.V to get into nature
  • We got inspired to buy property in nature
  • Our second trip out we discovered Bear Lake,
  • We sold rental property to buy a piece of land in Bear Lake
  • MakeLifeanOccasion! was inspired in Bear Lake 
  • We created Visual/Audio Grounding  
  • Our whole life changed 


MakeLifeanOccasion! 🌈

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