A Lifestyle Word Guide

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom (w.o.w. words) A Self-Discovery Lifestyle Word Guide. Words have energy, words have power. put them into ACTION! Guided Mindfulness 

TRUTH: Somewhere in side you, you know what the truth feels like.

  • “Even as a youth, you could feel the truth.”

    SELF-LOVE: Love no one else, until you love yourself.

    • “To love thy self, is the the real wealth.”

      UNITY: Unite with an inspiration partner, create a mastermind group.

      • “Unity means, you and me.” 

        CHANGE: To grow, you must change.

        • “Change, things just rearranged.”

          MINDFULNESS: Being mindful, is absorbing what’s around you.

          • “Being mindful, makes the heart full.”

            CONFIDENCE: Lead, and follow with confidence. 

            • “Conquer with confidence.”  

              INSPIRATION! Every idea requires inspiration.

              • “Inspiration, to heal the nation”

                CELEBRATE: Celebrate the little things.

                • “You don’t need a date, to celebrate!”

                  YOU: You, are the center of your universe.

                  • “Pursue YOU”

                    FEEL: Feel the feeling, honor the feeling.

                    • ”Feel, to keep real”

                      CREATE: Creating is giving.

                      • ”Create, to be great”

                        PURPOSE: Find you, find your purpose

                        • ”Have a surplus, of purpose.”

                          MUSIC: The right music, can change your mood, and environment.

                          • “FEEL the music”

                            SHARE: Share your inspiration, share your gratitude, share peace.

                            • “Share, if you care”

                              NATURE: There is peace in nature, and your nature is peace.

                              • ”Nurture, nature.”

                                PEACE:  There is strength in peace.

                                • “Increase the peace.”

                                  LOGIC:  Lead with logic.

                                  • “Logic is therapeutic”

                                    HUMILITY:  Humility, use it.

                                    • “Humility for humanity”

                                      LEARN:  Learning new things is investing in yourself.

                                      • “Yearn to learn”

                                        GRATITUDE:  Gratitude, get some.

                                        • “Have an attitude, of gratitude.”

                                          HUMANITY:  There’s only one race, the human race.

                                          • “The humanity, mentality.”

                                            VISION:  To manifest requires vision.

                                            • “No vision, leads to collision”

                                              BALANCE:   Boundaries facilitate balance.

                                              • ”Balance, requires boundaries.”

                                                BELIEVE:  You are what you believe.

                                                • “If you believe, you shall receive.”

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                                                • For me it started so : I have wrote on a wall (you are not lonely u are alone cause u want it) and from that day on I’ve decide to listen and work with myself or my thoughts.. And so I did

                                                  I’m really proud of me that I came on all this stuff all alone without anyone but without u guys I wouldn realize how strong and connected I am… Thank u that u have done all the work just to understand and help us..
                                                  With gratitude, Larisa

                                                  Larisa Stoica

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