Words of Wisdom

It’s Just W.O.W.

We need these words in our every day life.  We think about these words, and how we can put them into action.  Use it as a lifestyle word guide. 

TRUTH: Somewhere in side you, you know what the truth feels like.

  • “Even as a youth, you could feel the truth.”

    SELF-LOVE: Love no one else, until you love yourself.

    • “To love thy self, is the the real wealth.”

      UNITY: Unite with an inspiration partner, create a mastermind group.

      • “Unity means, you and me.” 

        CHANGE: To grow, you must change.

        • “Change, things just rearranged.”

          MINDFULNESS: Being mindful, is absorbing what’s around you.

          • “Being mindful, makes the heart full.”

            CONFIDENCE: Lead, and follow with confidence. 

            • “Conquer with confidence.”  

              INSPIRATION! Every idea requires inspiration.

              • “Inspiration, to heal the nation”

                CELEBRATE: Celebrate the little things.

                • “You don’t need a date, to celebrate!”

                  YOU: You, are the center of your universe.

                  • “Pursue YOU”

                    FEEL: Feel the feeling, honor the feeling.

                    • ”Feel, to keep real”

                      CREATE: Creating is giving.

                      • ”Create, to be great”

                        PURPOSE: Find you, find your purpose

                        • ”Have a surplus, of purpose.”

                          MUSIC: The right music, can change your mood, and environment.

                          • “FEEL the music”

                            SHARE: Share your inspiration, share your gratitude, share peace.

                            • “Share, if you care”

                              NATURE: There is peace in nature, and your nature is peace.

                              • ”Nurture, nature.”

                                PEACE:  There is strength in peace.

                                • “Increase the peace.”

                                  LOGIC:  Lead with logic.

                                  • “Logic is therapeutic”

                                    HUMILITY:  Humility, use it.

                                    • “Humility for humanity”

                                      LEARN:  Learning new things is investing in yourself.

                                      • “Yearn to learn”

                                        GRATITUDE:  Gratitude, get some.

                                        • “Have an attitude, of gratitude.”

                                          HUMANITY:  There’s only one race, the human race.

                                          • “The humanity, mentality.”

                                            VISION:  To manifest requires vision.

                                            • “No vision, leads to collision”

                                              BALANCE:   Boundaries facilitate balance.

                                              • ”Balance, requires boundaries.”

                                                BELIEVE:  You are what you believe.

                                                • “If you believe, you shall receive.”

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