are you the black sheep in the family? asking who we are is pivotal to self-discovery which leads to a self-love lifestyle.

Who Are You? A Black Sheep in the Family like us? Who Are You Talking To?

Have you ever wondered, “what the hell is wrong with these people?” Well, we figured out what works for us and it has changed our life for the better.  Figuring out ourselves and the people around us led us directly to our Self-Love, Peace, and Purpose.  

Determine who you are and who you’re talking to. In every situation, you will know what to expect, not expect, and know how to respond accurately, appropriately, and efficiently (Strategic Energy).   Learn where you’re at in your Self-Discovery, the people around you, and where your future is headed. 

The following percentages are a symbolic representation of the majority of the people in the world.  This model is to be used as a guide to navigating people and scenarios.   

98’s- “The Sleeping Wide Awake.” 

98% of the people around you will display these similar characteristics when we understand how they operate; we can better know what to expect and learn how to adapt and flow.  

Characteristics of a 98’s

If any of the people around you have any of these characteristics, you need to look at your life.  If you surround yourself with these types of people, you will never grow.  These are the people that hold you back from moving forward.  When you start your self-discovery, you will begin to see how dangerous these people are to your Self-Love.   If you want to be inspired, grow and live in your purpose, you will have to release these people from your life.  You also have to be okay with them not being there and willing to connect with new people that align with your goals.  “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” Mark Twain.  “Don’t debate a 98” MakeLifeanOccasion! 

298’s (2% of the 98’s) attempt Self-Discovery

2% of the 98’s will attempt Self-Discovery to find Self-Love.  Self-Discovery is a crucial time; you’re like a newborn baby.  You are trying to create a new you by healing the old you.   Beware; this is where the 98’s apply pressure, so you don’t leave the toxic environment.  This is where they rev up the fear, shame, worry, guilt, and you use; Strategic Energy: Assess, Analyze and take Action!

Characteristic of a 298 ‘er

A 298 that doesn’t continue to grow remains a 298, which is equal to a 98.  Self-Discovery is leading you to your Self-Love, but it requires discipline.  You are reprograming your mind, creating new neural pathways.  You are gaining strength in your peace which will keep you moving forward to becoming the awakened, the 2%.  

2% The Awakened 

Approximately 2% of the population will reach the awakened stage, achieve Self-Love and live in their Purpose.  They understand when you start Self-Discovery, it’s infinite.  2% ‘ers know that there is no ceiling or top; they are always ascending.  Their purpose is to spread Self-Love, inspiration, and creativity by giving back; inspiration inspires inspiration.  

Characteristics of the 2% 

2% are here to reinforce and guide the willing 298’s to become awakened.  The 2% know what to expect because they’ve done the work and continue to do it.  It’s their purpose to lead you to your inspiration, creativity, and your higher purpose.  

We are constructing an international community of masterminds to achieve a Global Awakening in harmony with the 2%.  


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