Black Sheep in the Family? What’s Your Level of Enlightenment?

are you the black sheep in the family? asking who we are is pivotal to self-discovery which leads to a self-love lifestyle.

Who Are You? A Black Sheep in the Family like us? Who Are You Talking To?

Have you ever wondered, “what the hell is wrong with these people?” Well, we figured out what works for us and it has changed our life for the better.  Figuring out ourselves and the people around us led us directly to our Self-Love, Peace, and Purpose.  

Determine who you are and who you’re talking to. In every situation, you will know what to expect, not expect, and know how to respond accurately, appropriately, and efficiently (Strategic Energy).   Learn where you’re at in your Self-Discovery, the people around you, and where your future is headed. 

The following percentages are a symbolic representation of the majority of the people in the world.  This model is to be used as a guide to navigating people and scenarios.   

98’s- “The Sleeping Wide Awake.” 

98% of the people around you will display these similar characteristics when we understand how they operate; we can better know what to expect and learn how to adapt and flow.  

Characteristics of a 98’s

  • Fear-Based: They use emotional and physical violence as a means of control.  They manipulate with worry, shame, and guilt which all are fear-based concepts.  
  • Judgmental:  They are using their judgment to shame you
  • Thrives on Hierarchy in Titles:  They think (mother, father, brother, sister, preacher, teacher, etc.) gives them the right to emotionally, physically abuse you.  They also use their “title” to guilt you into staying.  
  • Lives in Victimhood: They position themself as the victim in every situation to be the center of attention; when they have your attention, they have control.  (it’s also used as a distraction) 
  • Resistant to Change:  They refuse to get out of their comfort zone.  
  • Lives in the Past:  Can’t let go of the past. coulda, shoulda, woulda
  • Enables Bad Behavior:  They enable you to fail.  They co-sign on the behavior you know you shouldn’t be engaging in.   
  • Jealousy: Jealousy prevents them from supporting you.  They are admiring you through negative comments and silence.  
  • Negative Perspective: They manage to find a bad thing in good things.
  • No Accountability:  There is no self-reflection.
  • Doesn’t Respect Boundaries:  They think “titles” allow them to commit any infraction without accountability.
  • Lacks Vision:  Because they are living in their past, they can’t see their future.  
  • Materialism: They need things outside of them to validate their success.
  • Makes Excuses: Feels the need to make excuses for anything and everything.  
  • Lack Loyality: Doesn’t understand the concept of loyalty, also loyal to the wrong people.

If any of the people around you have any of these characteristics, you need to look at your life.  If you surround yourself with these types of people, you will never grow.  These are the people that hold you back from moving forward.  When you start your self-discovery, you will begin to see how dangerous these people are to your Self-Love.   If you want to be inspired, grow and live in your purpose, you will have to release these people from your life.  You also have to be okay with them not being there and willing to connect with new people that align with your goals.  “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” Mark Twain.  “Don’t debate a 98” MakeLifeanOccasion! 

298’s (2% of the 98’s) attempt Self-Discovery

2% of the 98’s will attempt Self-Discovery to find Self-Love.  Self-Discovery is a crucial time; you’re like a newborn baby.  You are trying to create a new you by healing the old you.   Beware; this is where the 98’s apply pressure, so you don’t leave the toxic environment.  This is where they rev up the fear, shame, worry, guilt, and you use; Strategic Energy: Assess, Analyze and take Action!

Characteristic of a 298 ‘er

  • Interested in the Truth: You’re looking for truthful answers.
  • Black Sheep of the Family:  Challenging authority and peers in your family. 
  • Empath: You have care and concerns for others but don’t have enough boundaries, which turns into enabling and people-pleasing. 
  • Asking Questions:  You’re starting to come to terms with the fact you’re not going to get answers to some of your questions.
  • Connecting the Dots:  Researching your past to understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. 
  • Occasionally Create & Inspired: You enjoy it while you’re doing it, but you don’t recognize its full potential. 
  • Aware of Manifesting: Gaining an understanding of manifesting and its power.
  • A Desire to Learn: You’re learning to learn.   
  • Interested in Change: Acknowledges that change is required.
  • Recognizing Triggers: You’re observing your emotions and adjusting your behavior.
  • Searching for Peace: You’re ready to settle your mind.
  • Believes there is a Purpose:  Wants to find their purpose.
  • Notices Toxic Behavior:  Finds it difficult not to call out inappropriate behavior. 
  • Seeking Challenges: Pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Holding Onto Relationships (98’s) Hasn’t grasped that you must let go of 98’s to reach higher heights.
  • Blind Loyality: Conditioned to be loyal to people who mistreat you, therefore you still remain loyal to disloyal people.

A 298 that doesn’t continue to grow remains a 298, which is equal to a 98.  Self-Discovery is leading you to your Self-Love, but it requires discipline.  You are reprograming your mind, creating new neural pathways.  You are gaining strength in your peace which will keep you moving forward to becoming the awakened, the 2%.  

2% The Awakened 

Approximately 2% of the population will reach the awakened stage, achieve Self-Love and live in their Purpose.  They understand when you start Self-Discovery, it’s infinite.  2% ‘ers know that there is no ceiling or top; they are always ascending.  Their purpose is to spread Self-Love, inspiration, and creativity by giving back; inspiration inspires inspiration.  

Characteristics of the 2% 

  • Living in their Truth: They surround themselves with the truth and don’t accept anything less.
  • Healed Past Trauma: Has healed their trauma to then help others 
  • Healing in Nature:  Feels the healing power of nature and stays connected.
  • Exudes Gratitude:  They practice and preach gratitude. 
  • Mindful: The details matter and they’re using all their resources to their advantage; they live in the present.  
  • Consistently Manifesting Future: They know everything is connected and don’t get in their way.  
  • Creates: Uses creativity to heal and inspire.
  • Inspired: They use inspiration as fuel; they know inspiration is the foundation of every idea. 
  • Love Humanity:  Seeks out connection to advance their purpose. They know it’s the spirit that bonds us.
  • Have Vision: Evolving goals 
  • Believe:  They believe all things are possible and that we are infinite spirits.  
  • Honor their Feelings:  They know honoring your feelings is a core principle in maintaining your peace.  
  • Balance: Everything is in order; a balanced lifestyle is at the core of Self-Love.
  • Learning: Never stop being curious; they are answering questions in their life and seeking new inquires. 
  • Confident: They don’t second guess themselves; they make moves with no regret. They balance their confidence with humility. 
  • Logical: Things make logical sense, or they don’t do it.
  • SELF-LOVED:  TheirSelf-Love and Peace are protected at all times.  They know Self-Discovery and Self-Care are perpetual acts.   

2% are here to reinforce and guide the willing 298’s to become awakened.  The 2% know what to expect because they’ve done the work and continue to do it.  It’s their purpose to lead you to your inspiration, creativity, and your higher purpose.  

We are constructing an international community of masterminds to achieve a Global Awakening in harmony with the 2%.  


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